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What a coincidence? My early morning post yesterday was about hospitals and the endless investments without result, relief or reprieve.

I have countless cases of loved ones lost to this mad house enterprise.

I have lost to malaria due to doctors strike.


I lost someone recently due to underguage oxygen tank/pillow. The list is endless and some how it's beyond comprehension.

During my diploma days I had under study the General hospital broad Street Lagos for my project. Almost two decades now since that time and nothing has changed. Yes, it's been repainted on occasion to my knowledge. Of course the radiation and xray department hasn't changed a bit, but there is a private one conssessioned around there now that functions but the hospitals own has remain where it was many years ago with old equipment almost none functional. Best Cocktail Dresses 2020

The processes, people and approach to service has not inch a move. It has practically remain the same with it's magnified relevance beyond the real and actual value and quality service delivery it provides.

On many other occasions I would have been chartered completely but for providence and privilege of grace.

Our challenges and problem as a nation are just too people driven and compounded. We are too self destructive, a healthcare provider on night shift will query why you have come to disturb their sleep and refuse to attend to you or start giving you attitude.

A nurse designated as a caregiver will position as your most potent adversary in your most vulnerable moments except you buy what you already have at exorbitant price from her.

Doctors writing drug you completely don't need 60% of it and you can't return it. I experienced this at Igbobi about 2 years ago, when you barely have the fund to buy them in the first place. Afterwards you get a completely new list to purchase. Or making referrals and diverting you to scan centers or private hospitals based solely on business interest and financial gains.

A friend's sister came home from the US last after so many years and was on their way to Badagry when they had an accident. The hospital here complicated what ordinarily would have been classified a serious injury but not life threatening into a life threatening situation. She simply begged to return by to the US to continue her treatment. It's that bad, remember the family that lost 9 members in one of the air crashes also from the states.

I can go on and on! It's crazy out here and we all need to be concerned. It's too risky living here hence the reason why religion has become a veritable tool of extortion and fraud, they practically manufacture miracle using things that basically should have been basic standards of living for all.

The only way to escape the consequence of our irresponsible way of doing things here is to not be a Nigeria, live in Nigeria and have any thing to do with Nigeria.

Now how possible is that? Very impossicant you will say.

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