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On the heels of my last post, I want to share some actual tips to avoid an unnecessary cesarean, and other interventions.

- Find a doctor or midwife you trust, that listens to your questions and answers them in a respectful way,, red flags are fear mongering, large scale practices, feeling you are being groomed for interventions such as induction ("getting tired of being pregnant yet?" "I bet you can't wait to meet your baby, I'm going out of town this weekend what are you d ... oing Thursday? ;) " "oh this seems like a big baby! Better come out soon!"Etc etc) and last but not least, being patronized during appointments. Ask your friends and community who they recommend and why.

- learn about common medical interventions, why they are used, benefits, risks, alternatives, and preventative care.

- learn how to time contractions so you don't get to the hospital too early. As exciting as it is, moving to the hospital at the first twinge of labor could actually stall or stop labor all together, leading to you being stuck at the hospital and likely being given labor enhancing drugs.

- learn what's normal and what is not, this will help you and your partner feel safe and comfortable being at home in early labor.

-If you decide you want an epidural try to wait until you are at least 5-6cm dilated, this will greatly reduce the chances of further interventions, stalled labor, and cesarean.

I have seen many unique scenarios unfold and can certainly say there is no "right way" to give birth. Although grossly overused, there is a time and a place for every medical intervention, bless all the advancements we have, and years of research it took us to get here, and we remember the mothers and babies that were lost from this world because they didn't have access to proper care. However we have also lost mothers and babies due to misuse of these interventions. Dress Affordable gypsy usually used items to wear of the wedding

Nonlethal misuse of medical interventions as well as emotional abuse during labor (unfortunately very common) can leave women feeling confused, depressed, and guilty for having negative feelings about what was supposed to be one of the most rewarding experiences of their life. What matters at the end of it all is not how you chose to birth, but that at every moment you felt respected, safe, informed, and in control of your experience.

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