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The first video is a day in bell Palsy the next one is two weeks in. Focus on my eyes ????????

Dealing with Bell Palsy brought many challenges in my life. I never had to battle so many fights at once. People always say "have faith" but I've learned faith ain't easy. It's actually hard! Bell Palsy taught me to let go! I can't control everything. As a young person at time we(or atleast I) feel like we're not at our fullest potential. Not making the money ya should, ... not getting the highest score on the test and etc. Man, kill that! You can't be what everybody want you to be, can't say yes to everything. ITS OKAY TO SAY NO! Because stress will have one side of face numb, swollen and make you look like you've had a stroke. & It was not only have faith that it heals , it was having that fear haunt you that it'll come back again. I get so excited to look in the mirror and see my eyebrows moving, my smile almost back, my eye blink( not as fast as the other one) my nose wrinkling up on both sides. I legit run to my parents and say " ma & da look what I can do now". I never thought that I was unappreciative until Bell Palsy. I become so thankful of the smallest things. There was nights I would stay up praying to God, " if I can just get my smile back I'll never frown again God"... learned to live for you! It okay to take advice but listen to your heart because the most important thing is you! it's your happiness , not anyone else. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. When I lost my smile, I lost myself. If anybody seen me you knew I would come with a smile, slick comment Dress Affordable purple colored items of the formal style useage ???? and a laugh. But I'll enter everything with a smile. Moral of this book I wrote is be appreciative of small things. Let the stress go! Don't hold yourself accountable for thing you can't solve. Be patient, it's on the way. You can't rush God! He had PERFECT timing. Don't try to follow what everybody say you should follow. BE YOU ?? & GOODNIGHT ????

Ps I know this late but I couldn't go to sleep with out telling my testimony

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