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Ch. 23The Reproductive System
1. The essential organs of the male reproductive system are the gonads.
2. The pouch like sac where the male gonads are located is called the scrotum.
3.The membrane that covers the testis and also divides the interior into lobes is called the tunica albuginea.
4. The seminiferous tubule is a long duct in the testis where sperm develop. ...
5.The interstitial cells are the cells in the testes that secrete testosterone.
6.The primary spermatocyte develops from a cell called the spermatogonia.
7.The primary spermatocyte forms sperm cells by undergoing a type of cell division called meiosis.
8.The sperm cell contains an acrosome , which contains an enzyme that can digest the covering of the ovum.
9.The epididymis is a reproduce duct that consists of a tightly coiled tube that lies along the top and behind the testis.
10.The ejaculatory duct is a reproductive duct that permits the sperm to move out of the scrotum upward into the abdominal cavity.
11.The prostate is a gland that secretes a thin milk-covered fluid that makes up about 30% of the seminal fluid.
12.The seminal vesicles are a pair that produce a yellowish, fructose- rich fluid that makes up about
60% of the seminal fluid/
13. The penis is composed of three colums of erectile tissue; one is called the corpus spongiosum and the other is called the corpus cavernosa.. Dress Affordable red or ruby mermaid trumpet garments for prom
14. The essential organ of the female reproductive system are the ovaries.
15.The process that produces the female gamete is called Oogenesis.

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