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Today being Friday I figured I'd better get into the gym before the weekend. So I went in and hit Chest and Back. I did 16 sets in 45 minutes. I super setted between the muscle groups and used all machines except for the last one which was the Barbell Bench Press.

I started with 4 sets of Lat Pulldowns, 3 to the front and 1 to the rear. I worked up to 150 for 11 reps. Next was the Hammer Decline Bench Press machine for 4 sets, ending with 300 for 10 reps. On the last set I did just my weaker side with 100 for 15 reps. Then I did the Hammer Low Row for 4 sets, working up to 300 for 11 reps. On the last set I did my weaker side with 130 for 12 reps. I finished with the Flat Barbell Bench Press for 4 sets, 135 for all sets. I varied the types of reps for sets of 12-15 just to keep it interesting; medium grip full, wide grip partials, and 5 first half, 5 second half, and 5 full reps in one set. Vera Wang style wedding collections for rent price

I was sweating pretty good and felt energized afterwards. At this stage of my training cycle I'm using medium intensity, medium light weights, medium high reps, and medium sets. My training frequency is light.......2-3 times a week.

Actually, I've only been averaging 1-2 times a week, and I'm not losing any muscle or strength. So to me that almost changes the paradigm of how much (or how little) training one really needs, especially a Master's bodybuilder. I've always believed that you have to decide why your working out. Are you doing it just to be in the gym and pump some iron or are you doing it to actually get results?

You have to train with your brain to make gains!