apparels dressed in formal occasion for maternity ladies

Grandparents and pregnant women, please be aware that the DTaP contains aluminum, Casein protein and other adjuvants that have NOT been studied for pregnancy. Also, the push to make everyone around a newborn have the DTaP is putting your baby at risk and causing your parents to put aluminum in their bodies which has been shown to increase Alzheimer's. DTaP is a failure as a vaccine. It actually makes you a "carrier" of Pertusis B, which can live in your gut or your lungs. Nursing is what baby needs, as it contains what the baby needs as it is exposed to viruses or bacteria. Breastmilk changes as the baby fights infections and as it grows. God created a beautiful system to protect babies. This is Big Pharma pushing vaccines on the Elderly now, to quicken their decline and line their pockets. Don't fall for it. Study what is in the vaccine. Study the side effects...yes, it does say seizures, SIDS, encephalitis, and even death. I have checked my son's titers for whopping cough for their missions. This is a blood test to see if they are immune, which means they have made antibodies. One son didn't have any antibodies although he has had the vaccine several times. PhD immunomogists explain that genetically some will NOT make antibodies. We all have different genetics. Methylation mutations can cause toxins to stay in the body. MTHFR and MTRR are ones that California checka for at birth with their PKU. The other son actually carried high amounts in his gut, which was causing him issues. He also developed casein Protein allergy from the DTaP. We used a homeopathic Pertussis B medicine to stop his gut issues. The old DTP had a lot of injuries, but it held longer. This new vaccine has high levels of aluminum, which is toxic. We need safer and more effective methods. Breastmilk is best. Washing hands before holding baby is best. Not kissing baby is best. But making people around the baby get a vaccine, is NOT right. There is no such thing has HERD immunity. Many of us have vaccines that have worn off and so now Big Pharma is in bed with the corrupt CDC, to force more and more vaccines, even to adults, as it pushes mandates and indoctrination to our vulnerable pregnant women. Don't fall for it. It isn't safe to have DTaP vaccines around your baby. apparels dressed in formal occasion for maternity ladies