beige or ivory color wears for a wedding

When my eyes are locked with his ..
My lips are longing for his kiss...
I feel a love I've never known.
Yet my heart feels so alone..
When our bodies are intertwined.. ...
And his hand is locked in mine..
We're laying there cheek to cheek..
Listening to our souls speak...
We share our dreams,
we share our fears...
We're not afraid to shed our tears.
We can cry and we can laugh...
But we're burdened by our pasts...
Jealousy begins to swell..
Why can't happiness just prevail..
Laughter always turns to anger..
Our love is once again in danger..
Good times don't ever seem to last..
We can blame that on our past..
Life has made us who we are..
We never seem to get too far,
My soul will never really know...
How to ever let you go..
This love we have was unexpected..
My heart is left unprotected,
I feel our paths were meant to cross before you, beige or ivory color wears for a wedding
my soul was lost..
Life's journey's leading me to you..
I need us both to see this through,
I want a love that others envy..
And a heart that isn't empty..
I want you to cause my biggest smiles..
Ones that can be seen for miles,
How can our story ever start.
If we won't open up our hearts.
I never want our love to end.
You're my lover and my best friend,..
I'm willing to work to make this last..
Leaving our pasts in the past..
Love builds from trust, honesty,
and respect..
I'll give it to you and it's what I'll expect,
So don't give up on what we have..
Let's build it up and make it last..
It'll be worth it, I promise you this.
Our love is one that we would miss..
My heart and soul are lost without you...
Let's let love's destiny see us through..
You're my soulmate,
you were made for me...
You're my hearts final destiny.. <3 <3

<3 # GaY_LovinG_BirDs <3

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