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Electricity On The Body & The Electrical Emergency Response
The possible effects of electricity on the body, Such as:

- The risk of fatal injury due to disruption of heart rhythm;
- Muscular contraction resulting in an involuntary grip on the live conductor, thus prolonging current flow through the body;
- Tissue burns with the main sites of damage being the entry and exit points with the possibility of damage to internal organs and fractures or dislocations caused by a resulting fall. bridesmaid wears for dressing

The emergency actions to take if a person suffers a severe electric shock, such as:

- The isolation of the victim from the supply (either by switching o" or pushing him/her clear with a non-conductive implement),
- Summoning help, administering first aid such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Treatment of burns and other injuries,
- Placing the victim in the recovery position and remaining with him/her until professional medical help arrives.

NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health )