cheap homecoming dresses under 50

I survived! I faced near certain death today twice and I survived!! It started when I was forced under great duress to help pick out a dress for my daughter's homecoming dance at a major department store. There, several moms helping with homecoming dresses for their daughters praised me as being a "brave dad". The dress shopping was only mildly unnerving; but it was a cruel harbinger of the terrors to come. For next I was nearly overcome while shopping for shoes to match cheap homecoming dresses under 50 ... the dress. Gazing upon row after row (after endless row ...) of colorful and fashionable shoes nearly drained me like a siren's song and slowed my heart to a crawl. But I stubbornly persevered. I fought through the pain and shook off the weariness that almost overcame me. I triumphantly left the shoe store a whole person with my sanity more-or-less intact. If I can do all of this in one day, I can do anything!!!

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