cocktail with green color

~~~~~~~~~~~~I was dating a guy who promised to marry me, he travelled abroad for greener pasture, after some time, there was no more communication, years passed, days passed, there was no sign of him. Since I was 22, now it's six years, I am no longer getting younger, I decided to move on.Recently I met a guy that became so close to me, we are set for marriage next two month, and I am happy I met him, though not rich but hard-working, last week I got a bank credit alert on my phone of amount I never dreamt of, I scrolled up and down the sms to make sure it was for me, what amazed me was the depositor's name, Stanley my Ex-boy friend that travelled years back that we lost communication deposited N320m into my account. Did I just called him my Ex? That I can't tell cos we didn't break up at the first place, we just got separated by distance, as I was still pondering about it my Mum called me from village some days ago that Stanley checked on me at home, she gave him my cell number and my address. Oh gush!!! my mum did? Why did she? or should I be happy she did? many things on my head.Stanley called me yesterday that he's coming to my place next weekend, he said many things on the phone that I was speechless, he said I should remember the promise we made to each other which is the major reason he travelled abroad, that he's finally back to fulfil the promise, that the money he transferred to my account is to start making arrangement for our wedding, i should find a choice location to buy a house for us, he can't wait to take me to the alter.I'm confused, Chidi and I have scheduled to wed next two month, what should I do now? cocktail with green color
1. Should I follow Stanley and abandon Chidi?
2. Should I say no to Stanley, what about the money in my account, what should I do with it?
3. If I go for Stanley, will it be because of the money or because of the love we shared?
4. Gals what do you think on this situation and if you were in her shoe, what would you do?
5. Guys what will u advice her to do...

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