dress used for bridesmaids and designed for proms

I would advise watching videos about The Emerald Gateway on You Tube. Might this echo in all that has been said here about The Emerald Necklace, about Going Green, the Green Light. I can deconstruct the beautiful language in all this to show how what is shone as in shown here is echoic. What is Matter but Mater, the Latin for Mother, how Gaia speaks within metaphoric endless beautiful inspiring, in spire ring connectivity. dress used for bridesmaids and designed for proms

How Aslan being the Lion Christ in CS Lewis echoes this triune trinity.

How Milk and Gal actic and even Green Goddess and green goddess salad dressing are all part of a mirroring astounding reflective Story ONLY God could have wriiten. Gal lactic: our sweet Milky Way.

it is pure Shakespeare. it is pure Einstein. and so opens The Book of Ruth, a Story of friendship and Love and Ruth for what is known as mitzvot or good deeds. Sunrise Sunset, swiftly flow the deis. Daisies in my garden. White stars. A cosmos appears!

This Story IS about Love. Knit and Purl. The pearly gates.

How LOVE carries the DEi. Dei, of God!

Yes, it is a Cosmic Love Story. All God and these are all trans missions. Divine transmissions. To divine means understand. And what is lime in what is turned under and also sublime. We lightworkers are channeling The Light.