evening party wears with sleeves

Apparently I'm a case of bad luck on any day that starts with a "T". Tuesday while the bottom was falling out on the interstate headed to work, my driver side windshield wiper FELL OFF... with my BABY in the back. We had to pull off the interstate and wait for Gigi to come get us. Gigi takes us to get a new wiper cause I'm convinced I can replace it myself in the pouring rain... WRONG. So then I'm soaking wet and we go get coffee while waiting on Reed to come help and I spill it ALL DOWN MY DRESS that I'm supposed to be wearing to work (if I can ever make it there). By then my baby is crying in the backseat needing to be fed and guess what? NO bottle.. because at this point she was supposed to be at daycare. Then today, I go buy light blue gatorade because breastfeeding moms swear by it. Before I'm even finished pouring it, half of it is on my pants. Later, I get up from desk to change out of my flip flops and into my wedges and knock the gatorade ALL over my printer and keyboard! Thankfully all electronics are ok... and I decided after all this it's best that I don't change into those wedges cause LORD KNOWS I don't need a broken leg. evening party wears with sleeves # IsItFridayYet # INeedToTalkWithJesus