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b) Hypoglycaemia
On the other hand, hypoglycaemia (blood sugar levels that are too low), may cause a lack of concentration, sweating, nausea and vomiting, tiredness, anxiety, irritability, aggressive behaviour, depression, disturbed vision, shakiness, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, angina pain, and high blood pressure (Mahan & Escott-Stump, 2000). If left untreated serious hypoglycaemia can result in brain damage or even trigger a heart attack. It is not surprising that diabeti formal items in navy blue ... c patients who have experienced such symptoms can become fearful and feel threatened.
Diabetics should always have some high-GI foods (sugar, glucose tablets, sugar-sweetened cold drink) readily available at all times so that they can restore their blood sugar levels rapidly at the first sign of any of the above mentioned symptoms. As soon as you start feeling better, eat a low-GI food (low-GI bread with cheese or a boiled egg or nuts) to stabilise your blood sugar levels.
Your dietician and your doctor will help you to plan for hyper- and hypoglycaemic emergencies and how to prevent them. Prevention of blood sugar fluctuations is still the best remedy to keeping your life on an even keel, so that you do not develop psychological problems to complicate your physical condition.

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