formal party wear for young juniors

Jeffery Hays Black.

Rohit, Consider the ancient Hebrew Marriage custom.... The Father of the Groom would go to the home of the prospective bride. He would arrange the dowery to be paid to the Father of the bride. (In this case Satan). Then when the details were worked out he'd return home. At a later time the Father (God) would send his son the groom to the house of the bride. There the groom would meet first with the brides father and her brothers if any. If things we ... nt well, the young maiden would be called down from her room. She would meet with her proposed groom in the presence of her father and brothers. If things still went well, the groom would produce a flask of wine. If the maiden also partook of the wine with her groom, it meant she was willing to marry the young man. At that moment they became betrothed or engaged and had the same meaning as wedded in practicality. (Communion,,last supper) At that time the dowery was paid for the bride...(Christ Blood has bought us as a price). The groom would then return to his fathers house to prepare the "Hoopa" chamber for his new bride to be. (John 14...I go to prepare a place for you), This period of time could last upto 1 year but not longer than 2 years. When the Father of the Groom decided he approved of the preparations of the Hoopa, he would tell his son to go get his bride. The groom would enter the brides village around the midnight hour, with his wedding party consisting of at least 2 witnesses or more. A shout and cry was made..."Behold the bridgroom cometh" at the shout the bride who was to be in her room, with lamp trimmed and lamp lit, was to hurredly dress and run out to meet him. The bridal procession would then leave the village by the same route the groom used to arrive. (in the air). They together would return to the Fathers house with great fanfare and jubilation. The party was on! When vows were exchanged they would enter the Hoopa Chamber together for 7 days and consumate the wedding. After this time the groom would comeout first, then the bride. He would remove her veil, and reveal her to his brothers. They then would return to the village of the bride.....both being now fully revealed to her village....and there they would set up house keepling forever. This is a biblical picture, of God the father choosing the bride...(As many as the father has given me I will in no wise cast out)...the son paying the price...and her awaited triumphal victorious procession to the great fathers home for the wedding. Where she would remain for 7 days. This custom shows a pretribulational rapture in the air for the church as we are hidden away for 7 years in the special place prepared by Jesus and approved by the father for us. Then our return with him to earth and set up our kingdom forever. formal party wear for young juniors

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