formal wears for mature women over 40/50

RANT about utter waste and incompetence in NHS drugs, meds n dressings!
I am sick to death of the waste due to this throw away society caused by PC and ridiculously greedy supply companies, plus everyone in between in the system passing the buck without an ounce of common sense. Will someone please get a handle on this.
I care for a person who currently has a very small self inflicted wound on her arm. A WEEK ago a DNurse called and put some complete overkill dressing on to the lady( who has dementia.)It promptly fell off by the evening. I then put aloe jelly on it 3 times a day since and left it open to the air ( not favoured by modern treatments!!!! )It is now healing well and has a small scab. Perfectly normal situation...... then today I get delivered from the chemist the items below to use. A whole WEEK has gone by and just look at the size of them.... I have drawn the actual wound size on RH packet! formal wears for mature women over 40/50
Utterly ridiculous. I also have loads of unused meds that cannot be used , so are destroyed once they have left the Chemists. This is OUTRAGEOUS and has to STOP.
Does anybody actually care enough to do anything about it. Please tell your MPs and Jeremy Hunt. They can save a fortune which could be put to better use.
Likewise, equipment should be recycled not rejected as nowhere to clean and reuse. Waste, waste, waste. Rant over for a while!!!!!