full length mother of the bride wears look long

"Who I Am" - Written by KateA

Fear. That scary feeling we get that will stop us from doing anything if we let it.
It will force us to step out of our comfort zone into the unknown. And the unknown can be a very scary place.


But if we let it, it can also transform us for the better. It can help us grow and change into a stronger, wiser human being. full length mother of the bride wears look long
It's an up and down roller coaster but without it, we wouldn't be challenged.

Loss is what encouraged my fear.
Fear of a short life. Fear of losing someone else close to me. I lost myself in this fear.
It continuously tries to knock me down and stop me doing what I know I love to do.
Welcome fear, let it come, let it challenge you, try your best not to let it win.

There will be people who try to knock you down with the words they say. Who will make you more fearful.
Then there will be others who want to see you succeed and overcome your fears.

This is where the inspiration for this song came from.

I hope you like it!

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