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The students in the Weinstein matter could have approached him initially with more dialogue than accusation. As for that costume guideline thing at Yale, seems to me that was all about white students dressing up as people of color---in ways that were usually derogatory and offensive. In most of the images I have seen of these students (across the country), they are exhibiting their ignorance, their lack of respect, and often mocking the race depicted. The ugliness of the rac ... ist costumes NEEDS to be FULLY acknowledged. Erika Christakis did not acknowledge it. [Did you notice that lack of acknowledgement in her letter?] One would not even know they existed reading her letter. She only spoke of the white students in the sense of them dressing as characters they aspired to be...characters they respected. How many people have you seen like that? I can count on one hand that ones I have seen like that. Erika Christakis was skipping over the much needed ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and education of those white students as to why such actions are offensive and hurtful. That was the problem with her letter, Frank Bruni. That's why they came for her. Just the simple omission that the costumes and behavior of the white students in these instances IS often derogatory and racist (whatever their intention) a big deal. Why? That's how racism has worked and survived so long in gold cocktail dresses # America . Some whites doing hurtful, racist, mean-spirited sh*t...other whites never acknowledging that what happened was f*cked up, whitewashing what happened, or demonizing people of color in such a way that whatever inhumanity was committed is framed as justified. Sometimes folks deny the thing all together. The reasons people do these things vary, but these manipulations help keep racism going.

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