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1. Never put your guy on hold and answer a different call, is a mistake.
2. Accept criticisms or advises from your guy especially on dresses and related activities.
3. Don't introduce him as a friend to family members and other friends but as husband-to-be.
4. Don't look at his outfits that is money, mansion, cars etc before accepting his proposal.
5. Help him in any form(financially) to marry you, if he is serious and determined to marry you.
6. Never be in relationship for long time, its depends but three or five years is ok.
7. Never force for wedding, marriage is more important than wedding, wedding is just a feast after marriage, so get married first. holiday outdoor wears for cocktail party
To My Honourable Men
1. Make sure you can rent or you have a room.
2. Be matured morally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
3. Never try to have all things before you get married, NO is a big mistake.
4. Don't base your love on her shape but make it true love.
And To Both
Use words or statements like;
I love you
I miss you
You're beautiful, pretty, handsome etc.
You're the apple of my eye
You're every thing to me etc.
Call at any time because communication is very important in relationship.
Both should do something that earns them a living.
Be open to each other and never talk about your relationship with second or third party.
Surprise each other by buying things like panties, pad, beads, shoe, dresses, flowers, toffees etc.
Be grateful and appreciative to each other.
Be respectful, truthful, faithful, obedient and understand each other because of different background.
TO BE CONTINUED..............