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You shouldn't be drug tested for your job, you should be drug tested when you make a mistake or hurt yourself or someone else just like home depot does... it's an insurence thing a company shouldnt pay ypur medical bills for the rest of your life because you deside to smoke crack in the bathroom. You should be drug tested when going to jail... EVERY TIME it's extremely important for cases. it's even found murders on opposit sides of the state just because they had the same br ... and drug on or in them. Wellfare recipients should get drug tested because you are asking me to give them something for free if you ask your parents for money and you're an addict do they give it to you? He's using an arguing tactic of misconception he got off of the welfare quick and brought it on the everyday worker when they are not the same wellfare is more comparable to insurence claims at work. The governments (aka the company) shouldnt be liable for your mishaps or misfortunes if they are a direct cause of irresponsibility or drug use. homecoming dresses near me

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