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There is no need to give your child cows milk when they reach a year old ESPECIALLY if they are still breastfeeding or consuming pumped breastmilk. It's as if there is this unwritten rule in our society that the magical age to wean is one and to then start giving cows milk. Breastmilk will ALWAYS be the best milk for humans. However if you are no longer breastfeeding and want to introduce cows milk to their diet , you absolutely can , but you really don't NEED to. The main th ... ing that is in milk that is important for babies is calcium and fat. If your baby will eat yogurt, cheese, or calcium-fortified orange juice (when he is a bit older, of course), then your baby may not actually need milk. Long story short, your kid can lead a long healthy life without cows milk being a normal part of their everyday diet. There is no need to prioritize starting cows milk and put breastfeeding on the back burner simply because the child had a birthday. If you are still breastfeeding or providing pumped breastmilk , you are already giving your child the very best milk they need. items of the wedding to wear for arab women can use

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