items prepared for teens of the party

"this aint the land of the free this is the land of the sick shit,
cause every day on tv i see some thing more twisted,
like the hate gets passed around and we just simply re gift it,
now days its like the peaceful are all abunch a misfits,
if gods makin a point then i think that we missed it,
cause every day in this world just seems more sadistic,
millions of people dieing and there just a statistic,
the answer seems super simplistic, like a girl puttin on lipstick,
the car is low on oil and no ones checkin the dip stick,
theres no quick fix this shits thick i cant believe its this sick,
people are starving in africa and im feeling terrific,
shits so fucked up why wont she re script it,
cause aint no god got nothin to do with this shit,
but maybe the devil,
cause it seems like societys sinkin to his level,
every body wants ta rebel but nobodies a rebel,
cant look each other in the face when were standing eye level,
were all part a the human race and skys the limit why settle,
for any thing less than the absolute best,
and thats living like kings and freeing the oppressed,
were not shootin nobody any time were second guessed,
every bodies equal bitch there aint no second best,
and fuck the borders this is one world there aint no sections left, items prepared for teens of the party
but we better get started and quit with wastin breath,
cause the way things are goin we may have seconds left"
Micah Ingman