items that can see through to wear of the prom

Grandma: "It got cheese? I want me a cheese toast and some hot tea."

I acknowledge her and go into the kitchen to cook it. It amazes me that when your grandma finally gets old the foods that she craves are the ones she only allowed you to eat as a snack. I wonder what about beefaroni, grilled cheese, and hot Lipton tea she likes right now.

I laugh to myself about how I have to remember to use regular kraft cheese slices, and when I think of how she scoffed at my fancy loose ... leaf teas.

I don't even care that she's not going to eat much of this food. How the tea will sit by her bedside getting cold until one of her many children or grandchildren removes them.

I don't even mind that my house is filled to the brim and going to get even more full of her children and grandchildren over the next couple of weeks.

All that matters is that she's here, telling each one of us how great the other is because we filled her cup with fresh ice and cooked her butter beans so that she can eat all of three and a half bites.

All that matters is the training my nursing license gave me to be able to wash her with dignity and thoroughness that brought us closer while breaking my heart that such a towering specimen of human is now skin and bones while simultaneously making me laugh at the fact that she is still full of spitfire and brimstone. items that can see through to wear of the prom

All that matters is that I'm in a place in my life where I can spend the time that I have left with her laughing and dodging her insults while I replace her soiled sheets with fresh ones.

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