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Please I Need Your Advice Now!
Should I Send My Father This Message or allow our Family to tear apart?
For over 4 years my father have been accusing my mother of fornications which has been a serious issue in our family. (26
years old marriage)
My father have accused my mom of befriending different men in her work place, church, market and the compound were we live.
Me and my brothers don't stay at home most times due to our school (university). My little siblings who are in elementary
school are the only ones at home and my father keeps filling this kids heads, with different kinds of questions about my mom.
Please note that my father does not stay at home often as he likes visiting the village and to be frank i and my friends have caught him several times but i keep it to
myself and pray he changes one day just to prevent more chaos in the family.
One day we all went to the village. One of my cousin brothers who base in the village came to visit us. He is known to be a very
funny person and to be frank he talks anyhow and jokes a lot.
But my mom was shocked when he told her that my dad had rented a shop for one
woman and even bought refrigerator for her. My mom kept mute and never asked my
dad. As the accusations keep increasing my mom who have noticed several suspicious activities of my dad got angry and stated voicing out all she have heard and suspected about my dad including the refrigerator saga. items with white color to wear that looks cute
My dad has beaten my mom in several occasions and i do cried in all those occasions at night and even in the day.
Just to cut the story short:
There is a woman who lives close to us, her husband was a very close friend of my dad before he died.
We discovered that my dad eats food from her Unknown to my mom when my mom is not around and they both spend time
together in our house and that of the woman.
We also discovered that my dad usually buys food stuff and pay for other items for her.
Now I'm very angry, i can kill anybody even you my friend because he has carried this irritating life to our
neighbor who he claim that the woman's late husband was very close to him and his just showing care for the family as a close friend to his late friend.
Currently now there are unpaid debts in our family, things are extremely difficult yet my
dad could buy stuffs for the other woman.
My mom complains about how my dad uses his retirement salary for what she can't explain. He keep saying his clearing debts
and all that.
I'm fed up. I want to take serious action.
I want to come out to quarrel my dad to the last. After all he chased me out of his house because i had so hard with him due to this
numerous accusations he keeps labelling on my mom without any tangible evidence.
My mom keeps crying and have decided to call her family members for a joint meeting by
next month after my dad have skipped about two different meetings called by my
moms people (brothers and sisters because her dad and mom are late).
Now below is the letter i want to send to my dad. I have made up my mind to take that bold step. Maybe it will change him. Please
read below and advice me I'm totally confused i don't want our family to tear apart.
''Father, After carring out my research and investigations about the happenings in our
family which has over the years been a threat to the unity, progress and stability of
our coexistence as one family, i beg to state that:
1) Because you have foolishly decided for over 4 years now to frustrate, humiliate and
disorganize my mother who happens to be your wife with all kinds of accusations, insults and disgrace for a reason best knownto you.
2) Because you have stupidly derived more pleasure in carrying the bordens of your concubines
and that of their children to the detriment of your own family even when you are aware
of the sufferings and debts in your family. I want to make it clear that as a result of this, i have taken it upon myself not minding how it will effect me to suspend anything
that has to do with the both of us till further notice to enable you have more finance and
less opposition to continue with those activities of yours that gives you pleasure, though is disgraceful, irritating and odious to me.
Thank you father.....''
friends should I send the letter to him or not?

Please Don't mind me ooo, sorry for wasting your time and data, na joke i dey joke oooo.
Nothing happen to my family ooo after-all my father is late.
no vex!