knee length bodycon red color dress

Y'all happy?
I'm here
And I got guns
Bang, bangbangbang, bang

Deadpool, I'm a Jaggernaut, letting off
Iron man for my mission
Of joining the illuminati and noone stopping my Vision
I'm a beast, you're a wasp, I can shoot the wings of a falcon From a mile away, I got hawk eyes knee length bodycon red color dress
If I'm mad enough I'll move mountains
Hulkin', Maniac

My name gon' stretch like Mister Fantastic
If you chose not to stay lowkey when I wave this four
It's gon' be tragic
Thor with the hammer

'Bout to turn the love of your life to a Black Widow
You'd swear Black Cat just crossed your path
When I raise your steel like Magneto
Cause you're out of luck

I'll leave and bring a Doctor Doom if he's on my block
A Rogue crawling through the night

Anybody looking at me wrong is gon' be leaving a cyclops
X-man trying to match with me, I ain't guarding a galaxy
See, my Doctor Strange, my last check-up
He said I was a masterpiece

Hairpin trigger, waving this Quicksilver
I can shoot legs off of ants, man, my aim makes me Shiver
Now, you can sit and wonder, man if you feel the need to
But I ain't Susan Richards, I ain't nothing you can see through
Keeping that Thing on me, offin' you fools for the sport
When I'm letting that flame off
Flame on; all you humans are torched

I've been Inhuman, word to the Black Bolt
And more black than the Panther
Ask Ice-man; I'm that cold

My mind will give Emma Frost massive hysteria
Even Captain America can get capped in America

In broad daylight, they say I'm a savage
Cause I blow up everytime I show my hand; that's Gambit
I got a red bone, that's a scarlet witch
That knows changing my reality's the hardest Trick
Cause I try to be an angel, but life turns to a movie scene

Where I show I got the temper of a damn Wolverine
Put metal to your body like Colossus, so who's next to check?
And catch it till they're stuck in a wheel-chair like Professor-X
It's magic everytime that I brainstorm and I mean it

Suicide when faced with I and you won't revive like a Phoenix
It will be an Onslaught when I'm droppin' inside
Hack your legs off and you'll be locked in your size
I've been killing the net from theme songs
All to the cyphers damn

So much that I run the web way more than a Spider Man
See, people comment with Venom and I dislike the hate
But I'll always stay at a high without a Mary Jane

I'll just cause my Carnage and proceed to mean profit
Dropping bombs from the sky that'll soar like the Green Goblin
See, I'm blind to the nonsense, but fight it like a Daredevil
Been a Kingpin so people want me down to their level
Since they can't exceed me at all, it's something they know
I got infinite power in my hand, that's Thanos

Don't want a Red Skull? I suggest you back back, brah
Cause I can eat your whole damn world like Galactus, uh
I'm the illest spit disperser

These bars foretell catastrophe
Like the presence of the Silver Surfer
Every bar's Mystique cause they change and reshape the truth

Yours are more kitten like, what's that to a Sabertooth?
Nothing, these iron fists will beat down any Blob
Trying to mock the apocalypse I'm causing as my job
Now, I ain't black hearted

I just know there ain't no nicer spitter
Kicking supernovas, I never had a ghost writer
I guess you Modok cause successes out of arms reach
I'm Shuma Gorath cause it's a rap for where my arms reach

This ain't the Age of Ultron, it's my age with a pistol
And my aura alone in the ring, I'll strike fear in Mephisto
Forget Nick's Fury, you better worry 'bout mine

Can none of y'all touch me, got me feeling like Kitty Pryde
This ain't a game, ain't none of you in an Arcade
Kazar beating you with a rock against a hard place

You stuck cause I start a pyro here with only half a line
I'll cut through this with sword skills, passing Silver Samourais
Thinking quick as Northstar
The moment the coin's tossed, bro
So if you don't want peace

You gon' get that skull and crossbones
Sentinel in my palm, you don't want to flick 'n' hick up
Cause you'll die from any angle, I call that thing a Bishop
What a chess move, I know it's my spot that you cats after

That's why y'all copy my moves like Taskmaster
But it ain't a thing to me cause y'all some of the best actors
Trying to cut me deep, not getting, I got that X factor
More rockets than the raccoon

The moment that you've seen boom
I ain't spelling the tree, gut come from G-roots
Y'all gone learn soon
Y'all gone heath that I'm the best, foo'

Leavin' your remnants in a lake, calling that my Deadpool
I ain't never been a joke, boy, I'm far from a comic
But still got more power than anyone in these comics
Being honest, I'm a threat to you rappers, you better fear me
First addition spitter in a whole new series