lace coverd with long sleeve wear for the wedding

I swear niggas dont feel me when i say this & God knows i mean every word i said & i stand on da words my G saying cause i feel him a thousand times & cant stress this enough, cause this some real shit, back to what im saying about the "youth" cause we all as parents should all be on our kids life about no sex, & making sure that our kids aint out here "active" when school & graduating should be all of our priorities as to making sure our kids dont make the same mistakes we m ... ade so that it want cripple there growth cause we as adults know how hard it is to overcome stagnation,....Oh & another key fact to help making a difference & we all as parents stick to it so we want continue to watch failure within our kids, "STOP" saying it around & telling these kids when you got father's like us this favorite line thats going to break these generational curses "well you know you was once a child to & you was once the same way" so now the comfortable wit acting out & acting grown cause of the bs y'all are instilling in these kids all cause of y'all emotions & what he aint doin for his child when you layed yo ass down wit the same nigga who was doin shit wit his life then so what you thought you was gone get or your child in this case..Now kids feel like we as fathers can't tell them shit cause of the things y'all see niggas out here doin..But what real man gone tell his child to be out here doing wrong regardless of how we choose to live our life & refuse to let them fuck up there's..I salute you my G.. lace coverd with long sleeve wear for the wedding Eric Hardy Sr ..

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