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The American people, as a whole, are in turmoil
right now. With orange #45 in office (I cannot say his name in the same sentence as President, therefore from here on, I will refer to him as the orange man or orange #45. I may event refer to him as Agent Orange, because he is so poisonous to our country, our people, and all other nations), my family and friends are looking at laws that will move them backwards, instead of forward in our fight for equality.

Some of my LGBT fri ... ends are having some serious problems on social media. I, personally, do not understand how any LGBT person can be a conservative or even so much as have voted for orange #45. And as a woman, I don't see how any female that has a brain could vote for him. I have many friends that are on both sides of the aisle. I voice my opinion where I think it may be beneficial for an opportunity to educate, but I don't 'bash' the person in question. Sometimes it's very hard to hold my tongue. And, yes, I have deleted and blocked people I have known all my life, simple because he or she may have very irrational comments, thoughts, or actions regarding people whom I love and care for dearly. There is no rule that says you have to remain "friend's" with someone who makes you feel bad about yourself or defend who you are as a human being. Even if those people are family or someone you have known since childhood. Keep in mind, though, that some people are only trying to get a rise out of you. Trolls are everywhere on social media. lace decorated items with sleeves to wear

I started my column, as a way for LGBT persons to get advice from a mother's point of view regarding anything that has to do with LGBT persons. However, I did not receive the amount of letters I expected, so I haven't done much with this column. I'm always open to ask anything you want. No topic is off limits. I think in light of what is going on in our country, I need to start it up again. Even if it's just my op-ed pieces.

As a mother, I have three children, one of whom happen to be gay. I also have many LGBT friends. I am former PFLAG President and I have seen first hand the struggles LGBT people and their families suffer.

Message me if you just want to rant, or talk, or if you would like me to do an interview with you, regarding how you feel or what you have experienced since the last election. I'm here for you. ALL OF YOU!

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