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I paid $35 for a gel manicure yesterday and it didn't look great, but I let that slide because I didn't want to be a jerk. Then today it already started peeling and chipping, so I called Holly's nails asking them to fix it because gel is supposed to last 2 weeks. One lady knew which crappy manicure it was without me even telling her (this was over the phone), but the manager said they'd only fix it if i come in Monday or Tuesday, which I cant because I work 10-8 mon-thurs and those are their hours of operation. She started screaming, literally screaming, at me that she didn't care that I have to work and then hung up on me. This isn't an exaggeration at all, i was so upset that i started to cry. I dont have much money so this was a big splurge for me to treat myself after working so hard for such long hours . Please do me a favor and dont support this place. latest 2019 prom party wears in tea length