long floor-length prom items latest style

Our Saturday began with gratitude, each other, a beautiful sunrise, plans and automobile trouble. Feeling good from watching the day come up, we decided to take out the bikes to keep it movin'. Unreal! One has a flat from a rip or bite.???. Idk just know we wanted to do a lot together today. Instead I biked to do my errands and get my exercise in while hubs was 'mechanicking' but no luck for him. I'm pedaling away and he shows up to walk along as I ride. (my hunny bun). We chatted and decided no rental car, can't spare the time and need money for actual mechanic, just keep to Lancaster local and to walk about town to our destinations or taxi if need be. What actually happened was we walked, biked, rode RRTA Bus, and taxied from north to south and east to west. Our day is not over we trimmed it to make room for only happy things til Monday. long floor-length prom items latest style # MoonGazing # Awestruck # Gratitude # NotComplaining # ItIsWell