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I watch all these dog and cat rescues on youtube and i cant get one person let alone a group to help me rescue animals in need...give it two weeks and they end up dead on the road is the norm. When i saw a dog thrown from a car which isnt illegal in az but a pepsi can is...i couldnt get any help...none, zero, zilch. He tried to catch up to the car but couldnt. No one stopped to help. I tried the best I could. The cops responded two days later...the pound...yeah its only been ... a few months...give them time. Today I almost hit a very pregnant small dog of the 347 and I-10...I think it is casa blanca rd...a crappy little road for sure. I almost flipped my car stopping in the dirt..i did mess it up for sure. I tried to catch it but couldnt and left a bunch of cat food i had in the car. Im writing this because i need help catching her. She is very skinny and she is about to have them in the next day. The poor dog is very lost and in a very bad situation. I also called to try and catch some cats where i work in gilbert for the tnr program...i live in casa grande so i cant be dropping the cats of and picking them up...i need sleep too. Please could someone help me catch these animals in the areas i mentioned. the cats are at the 202w, exit 41 san tan road. i work there at night but for how long i dont know. Please email me at [email protected] or call or text me at 520-840-3014. I need to get this stuff done. If there really are any animal lovers...please prove it to me. thank you. ps...that dog needs help asap. maternity and pregnant wedding dresses

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