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Welp! It happened. I got Delhi belly. Yesterday when we went rafting the guide said we could jump out of our raft to float down the next rapid if we wanted to. Naturally I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be even more adventurous so I jumped right into that river. The rapid was mild enough to float down with a life jacket on but not mild enough to avoid plenty of splashes in the face. I gulped down a few mouths full of water and lots of water went up my nose. That evening we did yoga and enjoyed a lovely sound bath by our retreat hosts. I could smell the delicious food being prepared and oddly felt turned off by the smell of food. I couldn't eat dinner and I forced myself to at least eat a small bowl of soup. I woke up at midnight with the worst abdominal pain and other icky symptoms. I felt scared so I messaged my sister in the middle of the night. She assured me that I would be ok and told me how to take care of myself. It was a rough night but I do feel a little better today but I'm just taking it easy and enjoying the view from my room. middle school prom dresses