princess wedding gowns

She, is, brave! Couldn't agree more and I say, kudos to her! Instead of looking like a dolled up mannequin, you might as well look simple. What, you can't get married without putting tons of makeup? That wedding dress has got to be that expensive for societal approval? Says who? Tell me, does it say anywhere that your marriage will last forever because you've had such an expensive wedding? Because most lavish weddings really don't. Talk about 6-7 hrs of looking like "the" cow that everyone comes to see on that day(which reminds that Eid is coming soon so...). I'm all for those who wants to put on tons of make up, but then again, it's not really mandatory. princess wedding gowns

This is how "commercial racism" works. I'll start with the 90s infamous Fair and Lovely cream(which has nothing to do with weddings). "Oh, you can't be dark skinned at all so why not make yourself white?" That's the typical Bangladeshi mind set. Because being white is... beautiful. Same thing can be said about a bride-- "What's the point of being a beautiful bride if you're not dolled up?"

After all, it's all for the exceptionally exceptional Bangladeshi society. That, you can't have a standing here and there. This is why I love, admire and appreciate Western and European weddings; both parties gets to have a say on their wedding day. It's THEIR wedding. Simple.

Bangladesh bride stirs social media storm A Bangladeshi bride who posted a picture of herself on social media wearing her grandmother's cotton sari with no make-up or jewellery has sparked a heated debate about the high expense of weddings in the impoverished