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Me: "Were you guys odering?" I said that as i grabbed a seat.
Me: "Can you give me whatever they having and a Lemon twist"
Her: "Uhh..."
Jay: "Hey Auntie are you alright?"
Her: "Uhm sorry yes am fine... sorry girl do I know you?"
Me: "Uhh I doubt that very much am hardly this side why?"
Her: "Am sory but you look like someone i Know"
Steve: "Must be your duplicate Cuz"
Her: "She is your cousin?"
Steve: "Yeah hey lady whats with the 21 question?"
Her: "Uhhm no no sorry your oders will be here soon i guess you not her then"
Jay: "Duhh she told you that a long time ago"
She left us but ebenga belive shame. She kept looking at me and i told myself that am goung to act normal. Am done with that life I was not ready to meet my past I wasnt sure i was ready it was still too soon. The boys didnt notice anything strange about my behaviour they were just complimenting me non stop. They couldnt wait for tomorrow. We must have spent over an hour there then we decided to go home. It must have been Chuma's end of shift because she also went out wearing her casuals. I was shocked that she was working here I wonder whats the story of this girl.
We didnt say anything to eachother as she sas going her own way. We were making plans with the boys for tomorrow as we were heading home. Jay and Steve have been living with us for the past week so it wasnt going to be much of a hussle we were gonna fix ourselves in one place then go to SeaPoint together.
We didnt even have dinner that evening i guess the nerves were kicking in. I was nervous shame. I mean i used to attend black schools and most of the time i partied with Blacks. I know a lilttle about the colourds but not the Whites. Those people are so fragile marn am not chritisising though just raising my opinion.
the D day came. The fam was here they really wanted everything to be perfect for us. You would swear it was now my own matric ball because Steve wasnt given that much of attention. I wore a long royal blue dress. It had a slit on my right leg all the way to the half of my thigh. It was beautifull am telling you. I cant really go into much detail of the dress its too much. in all I looked phenominal and Jay was wearing a White skinny chino, Sued Royal blue blazer with Black Collar. He then wore his god rollex watch and toped the outfit with royal blue sued shoes. Wow he was on fleek am telling you. he did his hair cut it was Matured marn and he was handsome i can tell you formality suited him. Steve on the other hand he was wearing a Navy suite. It was a perfect fit for him and toped it with a white shirt and black formal shoes. The ball was starting at 18:00 and now the time was 17:45. I was panicking beacause capeTown is far but evwrybody else was on a chill zone so i just joined in. We all went in the Harma Lemo. It was cosy and beautiful. I felt like a celeb people whoa you can only imagine. Steve was going to meet his patner at the Hotel so we all headed to Camps Bay where the Ball will be held. We arroved late there but not too late just the acceptable kinda late that because the programme hadnt started yet but everybody else were seated. Walking in that hall i got a cold feet. The gents haf me inbetween them you could notice me and that meant more attention on me. We got in and there were gasp and whispers. We then headed to an open table which had only Two teachers from that school. I just smiled and followed Jay's lead. We sat there and speaches were exchanged and awards. Steve was actually not a dump kid he got a Cup for being a top achiever in Maths and Physics and Accounting. Jay mostly got from the extra mural activites such as Sports and Debate. The night went verry well...well up until two girls and guys came to our table as everybody was minding their own as others were dancing. I actually noticed that these two dont really have friends here they were their own besties. They didnt even try to introduce me to other students. So yeah here comes these blondies... prom formal garments with affordable price
Girl1: "Well well well ic its not the Genius nerds"
I looked at her aNd she seemed like a bully and these two were shifting uncontrollably.