red items with white to wear of the wedding

I feel like I should share this here this year, thanks for taking the time to read this......So if I ever gift to you an Epipen, please do me a favour and 'stick it right back at me'! It may be my last conscious thing I do if I've been stung by any of the 4 varieties of stinging insects that I'm allergic to. I have a very deadly and quick allergy to wasps, yellow jackets and hornets, NOT bees. My whole body swells up with thick white itchy patches of hives, my organs shut dow ... n and I would just fade away, really a peaceful and painless way to die, BUT, Lord willing, I'd like to hang around awhile longer with my wonderful kids and hubby, so that's why I'm very thankful for the technology/medicine of Epipens! I always have one in my kids diaper bag year round, and if out and about in summer it may be in our picnic bag, ATV cubbies, etc, but always check for the diaper bag first! I've been told the ambulance also has them. Once I've been been poked with the Epipen (pull out blue cap to the sky and jab orange end to my thigh firmly and keep it there for a bit to allow the medicine to enter my body), then please rush me off to the closest emergency room for follow up. And please, when you are with me and see any stinging insect buzz around us, STAY CALM, don't flap your arms and go into freak out mode, by doing that you agitate it and draw attention to you or me, rather, calmly sit and watch it buzz around us and fly away or get up and calmly walk away from it. Fortunately I have not been stung in a long time, although I've often looked quite closely at quite a few that landed on my skin or clothes, but if not agitated they will not sting. red items with white to wear of the wedding

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