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Clothes To Avoid

Too revealing
You want to look flirty and sexy, but that doesn't mean you want to look easy. Unless you're just looking to hook up, don't wear something that's too revealing on a first date. If your skirt is short, don't partner it with a super low-cut top. You don't want to give him the wrong idea because you only have one chance to make a first impression.
Too dressy
Common sense should prevail when getting dressed for your first date. If you're meeting him for coffee at your local coffeehouse, then leave your cocktail dress and heels at home -- no matter how cute they are. If you overdress, you're bound to stick out like a sore thumb and you'll probably make your date feel more uncomfortable than he already is.
Too sloppy
On the flip side, you don't ever want to dress too sloppy. Even if your date is outdoors or you're heading to a sporting event, that doesn't mean an oversized tee and baggy sweats are your best bet. You should always look pulled together and chic -- even when you are dressed casually.
All black
Black might make you look slimmer, but it can also be too dark and drab for a first date. Even if you want to wear a black dress, add a bright, cheery splash of color with an orange, yellow or red handbag or other accessories. And speaking of accessories -- don't overdo it. You don't need layers of necklaces, stacks of bangles, sunglasses, a scarf and an oversized bag. Too many accessories are a distraction. You want his attention on you -- not on trying to figure out where all that jingling is coming from. short little white items
Stripper heels
Sky-high heels might be trendy, but they aren't the best option for a first date. First of all, they aren't comfortable. Secondly, if this is a blind date, they could make you taller than your man -- which might bother him. And lastly, like revealing clothing, stripper heels might give him the wrong impression.
Brand new
On a first date, try to avoid wearing anything that you just bought and haven't worn bef