twincle dress with sequin in cocktail party

Looking for advice. My gelding started 2 weeks ago limping on his left hind leg. Called vet suggested 2 days stall rest and cold hosing. Made a moderate difference. 3 days later a (week ago this past Thursday) he spiked a high fever, 40+ and was not bearing weight at all on back left. vet was called out. Foot was examined wrapped for an abscess meds were given for fever and infection. 3 or so days later temp spiked again to over 40+ but was combined with inflammation down ly twincle dress with sequin in cocktail party ... mph nodes in legs and around groin area. Doubled up on antibiotics now. 35cc of injectable penicillin twice daily along with 30 c.c of orally antibiotics as well as flunazine if fever spikes. We are also still soaking and wrapping foot. (Which seems fine he is no longer limping on it)
Now this evening we are back to 40+ temp and very very swollen around groin area. To the point were it feels hard. I'm feeling like vet is over looking something and is not addressing inflammation would love it if someone has experienced this and would love suggestions

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