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AUGUST 5, 2017


[Take a closer look at the pictures below and then you'll probably understand how powerful what am about to share with you is... Please Read Carefully and share as Led] # Ementorlive

About 2years ago, I got a very beautiful birthday present from a dear friend - a nice outfit with my name creatively crested on it. I remember how I use to wear it almost everywhere I go for ministrations. I didn't even mind wearing it twice in one week for a program because of its simplicity and comfort plus it looked really good on me.

However as life will always boast saying... "Nothing except the Word of God lasts forever". The more I wore it, the more I washed and put it back on again. So before anyone could say Jack Robinson, my all time designer outfit started to fade gradually, I could no longer wear it more than once per time and after a while, I abandoned it. It didn't torn neither had it any burn, I just folded it and kept it away because it kept on fading...

Last night at about 9:15pm, something very crucial to this piece happened. I stumbled across the same cloth that I kept away because it was beginning to fade off and I dipped it in a small blue bucket containing a chemical (dye) used for boosting the color quality of a cloth. The Yorubas calls it "aro" and I left it soaked all through the night until this morning. My God!!! I just can't imagine the depth of its transformation. The cloth is totally renewed! I'm just dazed! velvet prom dresses

Still in my shock and amazement, the Holy Spirit began to minister to my heart... And I feel strongly led to out it forward to the world.

What you have seen today is the exact position and mess "My Children" find themselves. There was a time when you were on fire, very hot yet humble and tolerant. There was no mile you couldn't go for God, you don't fear anything neither do you complain over every little thing. There was this assurance you had that "whatever you cannot get is what God has chosen not to give you". You were so confident about life, your health, marriage and the future.
Not a single fear at all.
But then, just like every sought after designers and labels, certain part of your spiritual convictions started to fade off, your knowledge about the principle of given, tithing, ministering, dressing and all of these Kingdom standards started to become more flexible and subjected to man's advance-doctrines and opinions. Prayer gauge is dropping, study time is fluctuating and fellowship with the brethren seemed totally unnecessary.

As it stands now, some of my Children has abandoned their assignment for other things, and like your designer cloth; some gifts, talents, ideas, powerful visions, great dreams and revelations has be folded and kept away because they are beginning to fade off.
No more consistency, No morning or evening cry anymore, you will rather put them away, than for it to cause you shame or disgrace. And there lies so much struggling on the altar among my Sons/Daughters over a result that seemed very cheap when they first started years ago. Hmm!!!

Gracious Father, The Holy Spirit of God then dropped this further... "Just as your clothes were renewed over the night for dipping them in a chemical, so can all you have lost be restored unto you if you can dip yourself in the pool of the blood of Jesus and stay long enough for the blood to reach every part of your life, cleanse you and then heal you. You must deliberately soak yourself in God's glory if you ever want a change of story"

You and I must emerse our totality into His blood and stay soaked in the atmosphere of His glory. No hurrying, no time checking in worship. Pray and worship contagiously until your spirit man gains ascendancy. You can not let go so cheaply, God didn't bring us this far to back out, however we must be willing to dip "our self" into His blood and be soaked in His glory if we would ever obtain The Promise.

"If those that are called by my name, humble themselves and pray... 1Chro7:14"

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength... Isaiah40:31"

My Father and Lord, wonderful Holy Spirit,
Please soak us in your glory and cause us to be renewed by your Word and rekindled by your fire for your use again in Jesus name. Amen!
Be sensitized!!!

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