vintage and antique wears for a wedding

19 days until June 13th!
Today I muse about Tim Dortch as a great dad. Around the end of March 1994 we were elated to see a positive result for pregnancy after having suffered a miscarriage at 5 weeks just 3 weeks before. We were overjoyed but vowed to tell no one until we were sure I wouldn't miscarry. Well, needless to say 9 months later, Briana was born and the saga of one of the world's greatest dads continued. I say continued because Tim was relentless in making sure ... I did not overdo anything, endured my cravings, even when I changed my mind at the last minute; rubbed my belly and sang wonderful and ridiculously-made-up songs to the baby; and hung in like a trooper to make sure I pushed so one of the first faces the baby saw was his. Tim did this 3 times and no one could have done better. I knew he was warm, sensitive, sharing, protective, responsible, and full of love when we were dating but it was maximumly manifested when Tim became a father. He loves beyond life "Me Firstborn" Briana, "My Baby Girl" Kayleon, and "My Son" Timmy!!! I have beautiful, handsome, smart, caring, and most of all, favored and anointed children because of you Tim! I knew you'd be the great father of my children that I always dreamed about. Thank you and I love you!!! vintage and antique wears for a wedding

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