wedding collections in light blue

My lil princess is stretchin the shit out of my stomach right now you can see every vain in my stomach and shes making it hurt a bit but i can handle it and she absolutely luvs being in the side that hurts me when i walk to fast but i dont have any stretch marks cause i still had some of the stomach fat i had when i was pg with her brothers thats how i knew i was pg because its different from my other three pregnancies and the only other bby of mine that bugged my side was my wedding collections in light blue ... first son my lil guardian angel i miss him so much and i think nieca is going to look like her big big big brother curls and all and im ready for it not to sure about the hubby he wants her to come out with straight hair we will see when she decides to make her arrival but my fingers are crossed for a head full of curls and hair lol still so excited about her cant wait to start up her many collections i want to get her shes going to be so spoiled come on july lol

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