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First aid for electric shock.
With the increase of electrical appliances in our homes,offices or schools, electric shock is one thing we should always be careful about. So here are easy steps to help someone who has been shocked. wedding dresses for short curvy brides
A. High voltage (this is where the current is very high, like an overhead wire, or the power switch of a building).
1.Call whoever is in charge of the electricity to switch it off.
2.If you can't, try to use an object that won't conduct electricity, like a wooden stick. (Please don't beat the person).
3.If it's a high tension wire, avoid going there when there is still current as you can be shocked too.
4.Only touch the victim when you are sure they don't have any current.
5.Remove cables and any other equipment near the victim.

B. Low voltage (this is more common, e.g shock from a live wire at home).
1.Turn off the appliance, or the main switch.
2.Make sure you stand on anything that won't conduct electricity, so you won't get shocked too.
3.Remove the victim from the point of shock.
4.Check if the person is still conscious.

The following steps apply to both cases:
1.Check for wounds, or any burns.
2.Cover with a blanket, so they won't get cold.
3.Call emergency services (112 for Nigeria.)
4.If victim is still unconscious,perform CPR (look out for our next post).

Remember, be careful around electricity,and stay safe!