wedding wears designed for apple shape ladies

How to lose fat, rule 5:

Bring back fruit to your diet. I know to many people regularly choosing fruit over a slice of red velvet or a chocolate cake is difficult, but you got to do this if you are in a mission to say bye to fat. Let's say according to WHO an average person should not exceed 5% of their calories from processed sugar, which according to a basic 2000 calorie diet is 100 calories. 100 calories sugar is around 25 gram sugar which is like 6 table spoons. Sadly, through desserts, processed foods and gourmet drink we consume a lot more than that! However, if we rather shift to home based fruit smoothies, we can seriously cut back on calories and on top of it get some fibres, vitamins and minerals! Do not avoid fruit sugar and eat something with added sugar. My smoothie recipe wedding wears designed for apple shape ladies

1 cup almond milk
1 banana
1 cup pineapple
1 scoop pea protein
1 cup red grapes

and handful spinach (now i am using water spinach (kolmi shaak), as spinach is out of season. Also don't be scared the taste of the vegetable cannot be understood due to fruits)

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