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How A Girl Thinks . . .?
When you go out, she thinks your flirting with other girls.
When you lag to reply she thinks your texting girls.
When you dont tell her how much she means to you she thinks you dont care.
When you dont show her off she thinks you have someone else.
When your on facebook she thinks your talking to other girls.
When you dont hold her hand she thinks your embarressed of her.
When you act all dumb she thinks theres no hope.
When you act like you dont care she thinks you dont like her anymore.
When you have a girl "bestfriend" she thinks you two have something going on. white color prom selections with lace
When you dont talk to her she thinks shes being ignored.
When you dont text her first she thinks she doesnt mean much to you.
When you are not there for her she thinks all guys are the same..